Our weekly Walk & Talk sessions are relaxed Nordic walking sessions that incorporate a gentler pace than our Workout Walks, great for anyone who is getting back to exercise, has a health condition, or who just wants to move well and be fit for life!

Nordic walking works the whole body – it combines walking with upper body conditioning, promoting improved posture, balance, flexibility & vital upper body strength work. But it is not only about the 90% of your major muscles that are used in the technique – “whole body” includes your mind too….the rhythmic, repetitive motion of Nordic walking in the great outdoor gym is mood-boosting and energising. These sessions ensure you have time to de-stress and recharge.

Our Nordic Walk & Talk sessions are “as it says on the tin” – plenty of chat and laughs as the technique means that you can walk further and faster and still keep up a conversation – but you don’t have to talk! You can just walk and reflect on the activity & surroundings, as we guide you through some of our favourite places in the Surrey Hills.

So come and take your walks to the next level – increase your stamina, strength & coordination in a friendly welcoming environment. If you have completed a Nordic walking training program but not been out with your poles for a while, or have not joined a group session since the training, we are offering you your first session for just £5. Get in touch to book in today!