“It’s like cross-country skiing without the snow!”

Nordic walking originated in Finland, with elite cross country skiers using it to maintain their fitness during the summer months. It’s grown into a popular form of outdoor exercise, enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels, all over the world.

It’s an ideal fitness activity if you love the outdoors, want to exercise to improve your strength, fitness, health and well-being, lose weight, tone up and enjoy exercising with others or alone – you can fit it around your lifestyle and it is never too late to start!


 What does it offer above plain old walking?

With the proper technique:

  • It is a fantastic workout for the whole body – you use 90% of your major muscles, toning your legs and bottom, and thanks to the poles, your arms, shoulders and chest too.
  • It can help with weight loss – using the poles to engage your upper body helps you burn 20-40% more calories 
  • It reduces impact on your knees and joints
  • It releases tension in the neck and shoulders, improves your posture and gait, and conditions your abdominals to improve your core stability
  • The poles provide propulsion making it feel easier but also making it way more effective – think of 4-wheel drive as opposed to 2-wheel drive!

Nordic walking is suitable for nearly everyone, nearly everywhere. It is not only physically beneficial but as “green” (outdoor) exercise it can massively improve your emotional and mental wellbeing. It can be a very social way to exercise, as there are many Nordic walking groups lead by experienced instructors that you can join to exercise safely outdoors together.

How can you try it?

Turn your walk in to a workout! To feel the benefits of Nordic walking, contact us to book a session in or around Dorking and the Surrey Hills – we can’t wait to hear from you!